Ecommerce now is now becoming more fun and new advancements have allowed for new features to be used. Have you ever wanted to buy an item online and don’t have the money to purchase it, but know someone who can get it for you? Or have you ever wanted a shoe, dress, or article online so much and want your partner or friend to get it for you? More specifically without stressing to find that specific item in other shops or on One Market’s platform, then One Wish works exactly for that purpose. One Wish is a feature on One Market which also functions as your wish list basket. It works as a place to keep items that you may want to buy later either. An additional option has been added to it that makes it shareable. One wish is a place to fulfill all those Your online shopping wishes

For example;

If you see a shoe you want to buy on One Market but want your partner or friend to help in paying for it, all you need to do is add it to your One Wish from the item’s page. The item will be added to your One Wish items and when you head over to your wishes page, a link generator will be shown below the items on your One Wishes and this can be shared via Facebook, WhatsApp or copied and sent to who you want to purchase the items. When opened by the receiver, the link will show all the current items you had added to your One Wish then they will proceed to pay for it and put your (Wish list Owner) address on the delivery info and have the items delivered to you.

Or, You may have your birthday and need a specific gift or item from One Market bought for you. All you need to do is add the item to your One Wish and share the link to someone who is to proceed with its payment registering you as the recipient during delivery.

We are working very much on personalizing the One Wish feature to make it very accessible and easy for the receiver of your wishes to facilitate a purchase for you. Keep Wishing with One Wish!

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One Market is accessible to make You easily shop online with the best of fun. Our efficiently built design is very navigable and easy. We try as much as possible to make sure everyone can comfortably use the platform.

One Market stands out with its impressive design which is easily navigable to everyone who loves shopping online. Firstly, we have taken into consideration Our User’s preference, which is both Vendors and Customers, and come up with features that make e-commerce more fun and easy. However navigating Our platform may seem somehow troubling for first time online Users which may cause them to resent using Our platform, to resolve this, this article acts as a guide for you navigating the platform as a Customer or Vendor.

One Shop

Our One Shop functions as a catalog where all products are being displayed sorted out by Our algorithms and according to Your preference, One Shop houses all the product categories, types, and taxonomies. Here you can shop through our vast items being sold by Vendors online. The way they are sorted follows no definite order or category but works with the algorithm we have put in place. To make things simple for You, we have broken down the products available in One Shop into specific Categories which You can find on the Categories Page. Also, Our live search bar allows You to search for the specific items You need in real-time just by mentioning the name or description of it.
When a product is in Your cart and You don;t have enough money to purchase it, You could click the “Save for later” under the product name to save it and purchase on a later date

One Wish

Have you ever wanted Your friend or spouse to buy something for You without bothering them to spend tiring hours online looking for those items? Well, one Wish is an additional feature of One Market which allows acts as a Wish basket of products you will like to buy, Maybe you may want to buy it later, or even tell someone to buy it for You. When you add products to Your One Wish, a shareable link is generated which you can send it to people or someone to help pay for any item You shop on One Market. That’s why it’s called One wish, all Your wishes in One place.


On Our Vendors Page, You can browse through the Different Vendors on our platform to choose specifically which Vendor You will like to buy from. This isn’t done in a discriminatory motive, as all Vendors combine to make the platform functional and give You access to what You need. That is why we call them Our One Vendors because they are an integral part of One market’s functioning.


With Our Categories Page, You can easily point out what exactly You are looking for as the products sold by Our Vendors are grouped into categories so You can easily browse through and get what You need. We have the following as Main Categories

  • Beauty: Here You can shop for all the beauty customizers such as accessories for make-up, nails, eyes and other beauty accessories
  • Electronics: All electronic items such as phones, laptops, earphones, TVs, and Hi-fi sets can be gotten here
  • Fashion: Here you can get customized with dresses, shoes, gowns, jewelry, and footwear for all ages and sizes
  • Groceries: Some people get bored visiting a grocery store, so why not stay at home and get that Baby’s food, beverages, and liquor delivered to Your home.
  • Health care and Hygiene: With this category be sure to find first aid medications such as alcohol, sanitizers, and hygiene equipment
  • Household: This category houses all the various appliances and equipment You need to run Your household more efficiently.
  • Kitchen: The Kitchen category houses various kitchen utensils and appliances which are found and used in the kitchen
  • Ladies: As a lady or a man with a Lady this category gives you the best of shoes, dresses, shirts, and footwear for ladies to shop from
  • Men: As a man or a lady with a man this category gives you the best of shoes, dresses, shirts, and footwear for men to shop from
  • Personal Care: Your basic and useful personal day to day needs are being sold in this category
  • Sports Gear: If You are an athlete or spotter, this category may provide You with everything You need
  • Toys and Games: What is life without fun? This category houses all the games, game consoles, and toys to keep you funky and in high spirits
  • Uncategorized: Products without defined categories by Us are housed here

For you

The For you Page is specifically made for every specific User of Our platform, here you can see the Best-selling products and also the products which are on promotions for specific periods of time.

  • Top Deals: Promotional products which display countdowns and run for specific periods of time
  • Best Sellers: Products which have been topping with the number of people buying or having interest in them
  • Our Updates: Where we give you information and notifications on One Market and how the platform runs

Terms and Policies

These are Policies which make One Market run smooth and secure, ensuring Vendors

It is advisable to be accustomed to Our policies and also give Us suggestions so We keep making the platform better for You


One Market also accepts public reviews from its Users which it Uses to make the platform better and enhance the Usability of then platform. We also make these reviews shown on Our platform and social media accounts so Users of Our platform get Your experience as a One Shopper.

Verification Badges

One Market Uses Verification badges for well recognized and verified Record labels selling songs, Publishes selling Ebooks, or shops selling products. This badge shows One Market recognizes them and has verified their authenticity.

Vendors Artists Authors

Selling in Cameroon has never been this easy and fun. One market brings in a lot of features to spice up selling online in Cameroon. Some of these features are under development and we can’t wait to get it out to ease the usability of One Market

One Market does not just seek to act as a website to buy and sell in Cameroon, we look forward to revitalizing and changing the scope of e-commerce in Cameroon. As a Vendor with One Market, standing out is a priority which should be attainable by You, We encourage Vendors to learn basically the functioning of social media platforms and using those platforms in combination with their shops to make sure they make the best out of the services we offer.  We have necessary information made available to Our vendors only to make sure they are well informed of current advancements with Our policies, algorithms, and functioning

One easy way to make Your store stand out is by making customizations which can entice Customers into visiting Your store or purchasing from You. Your logo and banner as a Vendor have a lot to say about Your shop and also the image quality of the products You upload to your store. Our algorithm ranks high Vendors who follow these strategies.

Owing to One Market’s goal of making e-commerce easy for everyone, Our Vendors are being provided with resources to create logos for themselves or request for Business logos to be created for them for free. This is done so Our Vendors can easily brand themselves better on Our platform and also on social media. We have are also working to put in place algorithms which can better the way Our platform functions and operates, making it very comfortable and easy for anyone to use. This is secondarily specified to the Vendors on the platform. That is why we provide Weekly updates and tips to Our Vendors on how to get productive and make Yourself stand out with your shop, not only with the platform, but across several social platforms. This is made available only to registered Vendors

One advantage of you as a Vendor on One Market is that We do not carry or eCommerce activities on Our own, so we concentrate more on bringing in more visitors and Customers by running ads, social media engagements, and dealings to make sure You don’t just have a shop on One Market, but also achieve Your goal of using One Market which is to get more Customers and sales. One Market is not also involved in retailing to make sure we don’t regulate prices for Vendors by competing with them on pricing. You can also read more About Us here.

For Vendors requesting logos please contact the One Market on Your Vendor dashboard.

One Market which is a start-up has limited itself effectively to some areas to make sure we can effectively cover those areas with speed and security.

One Market always looks forward to efficiency and innovations to make E-commerce more accessible and useful to everyone, which is why we always try the “next best method” in carrying out our functions. One Market is still a growing platform and this limits us to our own capabilities, but this doesn’t mean we do not hold our policy in “Putting Customers first with innovation and efficiency”. However, we have limited Our overall coverage in Cameroon, to make sure we efficiently serve the areas we are active in before moving on to other areas. Some areas have been limited due to their inaccessibility, insecurity, or disfavoring conditions. This makes us available, efficient and fast in these regions we cover.

  • Littoral
  • South West
  • Center Region
  • North West

Some of these regions we cover too are limited due to Situations not controlled by Us or by their remoteness and inaccessibility. But however, One Marketing will keep making itself available in the areas we cover at the moment more efficiently.

In most of the regions we do not cover, we are available but not very much efficient as some factors not influenced directly by Us have limited our efficiency in those areas. So we mostly use Our “next best method” to make sure we deliver to those areas (Please bear with Us on late deliveries in areas we do not efficiently cover). But if we notice a high demand for Our availability in that region analyzed by Orders, Vendors or Customers, we will see into making ourselves more available and efficient in that area.

Speed, availability along with security is a factor which One Market strives to be more participant at. Our limited means don’t restrict us from serving and making our platform and services available to everyone in Cameroon.

Our activity during this Pandemic may turn to be slow and tedious, so please bear with Us during this period. But we will always make sure we use the “next best method” when the need arises so we can fully satisfy those Your desires of shopping online.

We may not be fully available in Your areas or city, but hopefully, with time we will remotely navigate ourselves into Your home.

If Our Vendors can do it, You too can do it. One Market is not just a website to buy and sell in Cameroon. It is a growing and advancing platform that unlocks a lot of opportunities to innovate E-commerce in Cameroon.

With One Market, you could make money as easy as possible online; drop-shipping has been given rise to where you can make money without actually owning a store or shop. This is made easy with our platform. To begin, let’s get to what drop-shipping is;

What is Drop-Shipping?

Drop-shipping is a type of eCommerce where you buy cheaper from somewhere cheap (a source) and sell at a slightly high price to another person or market. One Market gives the privilege of sourcing items at cheaper prices from other shops and markets and sells on One Market.

How to do Drop-Shipping

Anybody can tap into this sector of E-commerce with One Market as the first in Cameroon to implement it. drop-shipping and can be profitable with it. You will have to source for products you know people like buying or have a high demand at places you know you can find it cheaper and sell on One Market for the average price which people buy for. Take for example there’s a shoe which people usually buy for 15,000 FRS but you know a place in your locality or around you where that shoe is sold for 8000 FRS or 10,000 FRS, what you do is get pictures of that shoe online or better still buy the shoe from the shop owner at that lower price and upload it to One Market’s platform and when someone buys that shoe from your online store you will be notified and you can get the shoe and alert us of your location and we pick it from you and deliver to the customer. Making you profit from the sale of a product without actually owning a shop or store or the actual item.

How to become a One Market Drop-Shipper

One Market allows drop-shippers to function as normal vendors but on special requests only. This is done to ensure security across the platform. You can Request to be a Drop-Shipper here. Once access has been given to someone to be a drop-shipper, you will have access to your dashboard where you can track your sales and orders. Since One Market drop shippers don’t own inventory or stock, they do not pay the monthly deductions as Vendors, however, the commission per product sold is higher for Drop-shippers, to eliminate the risks. For strict security reasons, some impositions have been put in place to make sure the users on our platform don’t get scammed or played a foul deal. These impositions are listed below;

  • Registration with an ID Card as vendors to make them identifiable and liable to foul plays on customers
  • Precise location listing to make it easy for us to pick up items ordered from your shop.
  • Dropshipping supplier contact. However, One Market is in a better place to suggest You well-trusted suppliers You could work with them.

Fill the form below so we proceed with the Drop-shipper’s application process


    To add to this One Market is working on other vendors to open up sources of online income in Cameroon with little or no work without being an actual Vendor on One Market.

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